Month one in a nutshell

Month one has flown by in the blink of an eye and yet I feel we have seen so much and been living out of a bag for much longer. It’s taken some acclimatising but I now feel we have gotten used to life on the road which mainly consists of packing, unpacking, sniffing clothes to see if they are still wearable, walking miles and miles, exploring, eating, then packing up again to repeat the process all over again in another place. We have put the days of king size comfort far behind us and have settled in to a future of lumpy, foam cots hostels have the cheek to call beds. I’m not whinging I promise. The last month has been incredible and I’d happily do it all over again without a seconds hesitation. Maybe minus the bout of food poisoning in Fiji though. The highlights so far have been- 

  • All things New York. The city is amazing and everything just looks and feels soo cool. It’s like walking around a movie set. Tyrian Lanister, Ellen Degenorous and Amy Schumer even made surprise appearances. If I had to choose my absolute favourite thing it would be watching the New York Liberty’s game in Madison Square Gardens. The atmosphere was palpable and the dance cam was hilarious. 
  •  Walking along Venice Beach,LA at sunset and watching the locals surf and fish off the end of the pier on a warm Friday night. 
  • Joining in with a community ukulele group one evening on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. 
  • Having a surf lesson on Waikiki beach and absolutely nailing it. 
  • Getting drenched in a tropical storm whilst trying to appreciate a lava field on Big Island, Hawaii.     



  • Snorkelling all the reefs we could find. The coral was amazing and the wildlife abundant. 
  • Snorkelling with giant manta rays. The size of these things was completely daunting at first but watching them glide against the strong current with such elegance was calming and magical. 
  • Swimming with sharks. Not quite Great Whites but 1-2 meter long reef sharks with enough teeth to tear a little girls hand to shreds. Quite literally. I watched it happen before my eyes. Luckily the guide was near to save the day and stopped the shark from inflicting too much damage. I think it looked at lot worse than it was. Her mum was thankfully a doctor and sorted it all out. She was all smiles a couple of hours later and couldn’t wait to tell her friends she’d been bitten by a shark and show off the scars to prove it. 
  • Wandering a deserted paradise beach and taking a break from the heat in the shade of a palm tree. 
  • Eating fresh mango from a tree. The juiciest most delicious mango I have ever eaten. 
  • Drinking a traditional drink called Kava with a huge Fijian family. 
  • Visiting the local island school that has no electricity and being sung to by the students. 


Things I have learnt

  • If the locals tell you not to drink the tap water then don’t drink the tap water. Don’t even brush your teeth with it.
  • Reef sharks can get feisty.
  • Don’t walk around New York City for 8 hours in flip flops unless you like toe blisters the size of large grapes. 
  • If you don’t know which bus to get on just get on one anyway and enjoy a cheap tour of your surroundings.
  • Fijians are not scared of anything…except maybe a huge tiger shark. 
  • Fijians have got to be the happiest people in the world. 
  • Wash your clothes when you can and don’t wash them with salt water. They smell and the salt dries white. Woops.
  • Electricity is good but I can live without it easily enough. 

So lessons learnt, we now tackle the length and breadth of New Zealand. There is a heck of a lot to see and do here so I’m glad we’ve given ourselves adequate time to explore. Let’s see what I have learnt after our second month!


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